Extended Commercial License

Extended Commercial License For The Sale Of Physical Products

The cost of the Extended Commercial License is $27.99 and covers all digital products sold on Images SVG and Designs store.

This means that with this Extended Commercial License, you will be able to sell your fully made and assembled items from our digital products up to a quantity of 1000 physical products per year from the date of purchase of the license.

When you have ended this period, you will have to obtain a new license for the following year that will begin.

Please purchase your license using the link below.

After purchasing your license, complete the form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include your order number in your request and enter the correct email address in the provided box.

Once the form is submitted, you will obtain your official Commercial License identified in your name. It will be sent by email within a few days after submission. You will print it and keep it safe all year round.

The license is not valid without this identifier.

Don’t forget to renew if necessary.

Restrictions et limitations

The digital products of Images SVG and Designs may not be sold or distributed in their original digital form or in any modified form.

You can use Image SVG and Designs digital products and make up to a maximum of 50 finished physical products that will be intended for commercial purposes (physical products that you will sell in your private business).

Examples Of Physical Products That You Can Sell With Images SVG and Designs Digital Products:

  • Cups/Mugs
  • Wooden signs
  • Bottles
  • Glasses
  • Jewelry
  • Personalized clothing or objects

Online Sale:

Items you create using Images SVG and Designs digital products can be sold online only if you have your own online website or Etsy Store.

Official photos of Images SVG and Designs cannot be used to market your products. You must take your own photos.

The maximum number of items permitted for commercial sale is a maximum of 1000 physical products per year from the date of purchase of the license.

Produce/Sell Individual Unassembled Cuts Using Images SVG and Designs digital Products:

You can sell your creations as long as they are assembled and that it is a finished product. You cannot sell unassembled individual cuts.

Sell Individual Stickers Or Sticker Sheets:

They are considered individual cuts, so it is not a finished product. They need to be part of a finished product, like creating a planner decorated with stickers so that you can sell them.

Sell An Image That You Have Printed And will Be Framed:

You can sell the finished product which will include the image, additional decoration and the framing.

You cannot upload digital images from Images SVG and Designs to Print-On-Demand (POD) sites for the purpose of selling them.

If you agree to the above, please complete the form below. We will contact you to let you know that your request is approved.

Extended Commercial License Form

If you have already purchased your Extended Commercial License, you must complete the form below.

Once you submit it, you will receive the Extended Commercial License with your name that you can print.

Note that emails are read from Monday through Friday.

Make sure you include your email address in the form so we can send you the license.